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The Vikings may not perform the fifth year contract option for Bridgewater According to informed sources, the Minnesota Vikings may not choose to implement the fifth year contract option for Tidedy Bridgewater before the May 2 deadline. The Vikings are still likely to renew their contract with Bridgewater, but they seem reluctant to carry out […]

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Lynch and Raiders basically reached an agreement at last. Ma Sean Lynch to return to the NFL on the track. And this time Lynch he will not wear the Seattle Seahawks shirt, and he basically with the Auckland Raiders to reach an agreement, the future we will see Ma Shawn – Lynch wearing a black […]

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Although the NFL Union agreed to the Auckland Raiders relocation plan, but recently the league will be punished several weeks last week to participate in the casino wrist wrist tour players. Super Cheap Jerseys China According to ESPN, “there are 30 active players and retired players, including the Pittsburgh Steelers lineline James Harrison retired running […]

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“I think Plaxico was kind of the last one similar to that size,” Manning told The New York Post. “They can be open when they’re not really open. You don’t want to get into a habit, it’s not a jump-ball but you can throw him open. He’s been in lots of offenses and he gets […]

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It’s a new era for the NFL and for the Raiders, and it’s no better or worse for either party. That wasn’t necessarily the direction I wanted to go. I wanted to put in a different type of offense. I would not like to trade, but if there’s something, an opportunity to make our team […]

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His 2,418 rushing attempts are 26th all-time. Although Peterson led the NFL in rushing in 2015 with 1,485 yards, it is unusual for running backs to maintain or improve their production in their 30s. Davis, meantime, could barely contain his ear-to-ear grin. Is Raiders owner Mark Davis to blame? What about Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf? […]

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For the Chargers, Chiefs and Broncos, the biggest free-agent additions were linemen. He can’t be blamed for playing the game, just as the city of Oakland can’t be blamed for failing to cough up hundreds of millions it simply doesn’t have. Read the reporters’ takes. The Raiders’ lease with the Oakland-Alameda County Stadium had expired […]

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Of course, as you might expect, some players are more popular than others. The key here is that the Bucs avoided guarantees past Year — particularly those who truly love their hometown team — are going to spend big bucks on your top. For this reason, Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin says he and […]

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A player merely pointing out that he has been treated worse than players of similar abilities doesn’t prove collusion. And anyway, it’s not like there’s some big free-agency fish out there just waiting for the Cowboys to pounce. In an unexpected twist, the league also announced, where Marshall is buried that this person also had […]