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Pricecott talks about Tony Romer

Tony – Roma in the Dallas Cowboys left too much of the record, and now the cowboy young quarterback Duck – Pricecott will face the achievements of Romo efforts, today Duck – Pulai Scott in an interview with reporters, to express their thoughts on these things.

“I told Tony – Romo, no matter what time our relationship is really good, whether I was before or after the first episode. Nothing will change, I thank the manager can adjust the relationship between us so harmonious. Now I want to be able to keep a good mood, he made a decisive choice, he has a great career, he left countless great achievements waiting for me to chase to try, I want to fill his leave, I Will continue to struggle in Dallas. “Duck – Price Cotter said that for the Romans such old predecessors, Price Cove extremely respect.

The young man’s first season set a new record: set a rookie season without being steals the record. At the same time he also won the season’s best offensive rookie awards, these are Tony – Romo did not do, and Duck – Pricecott is to create his record and achievements, he is trying to catch up with Romer.

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Colin Kaepernick has never been more popular.

The suddenly controversial San Francisco 49ers back-up quarterback has been the talk of the sports world for over a week. With a spot on San Fran’s 53-man roster secure, don’t expect the Kaepernick conversation to go away any time soon.

Sooner or later, you might find yourself in a debate with someone showing the ultimate fan support for Kaepernick’s social justice crusade.

The reason? Kaepernick’s jersey sales have inexplicably skyrocketed on over the past few weeks. While the former NFC champion signal caller was once a popular player and hot-selling jersey, the best of Kaepernick on the field never produced what the NFL is seeing now.

According to the NFL Shop website, Kaepernick’s jersey has risen to the No. 1 overall best seller in the league. No. 2? New Eagles starting quarterback Carson Wentz. Following those quarterbacks on the list? Cowboys rookie running back Ezekiel Elliott and Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr.

To put that into perspective, the 49ers back-up quarterback is selling more jerseys than Cam Newton, Von Miller, J.J. Watt, the new big thing in football-crazy Philadelphia, the star back on America’s team and the best wide receiver in the NFL who happens to play in the biggest market in sports.

The red 49ers home Kaepernick jersey ranks No. 1. As for the white road version? No. 16 among all of the best sellers.

NFL and Nike Reveal Color Rush Uniforms

Falcons to wear all-red Color Rush uniform this year.
First introduced last season, the NFL Color Rush program, in partnership with Nike, was started as a way to give NFL teams the opportunity to honor each franchise and engage spirited fans and cities while adding yet another reason to watch on Thursday nights.

Featuring a full-color head-to-toe look, each club’s Color Rush uniform takes inspiration from both its current and historic uniform colors and designs, combined with progressive innovation that will set the tone for the future of the game and light up Thursday Night Football, the fastest growing NFL primetime night.

Today, the NFL and Nike unveiled Color Rush uniforms for all 32 teams, to be worn across fifteen Thursday Night Football games this season.

The Falcons selected a bold all-red head-to-toe uniform aesthetic, however due to a color conflict in their Thursday Night matchup against Tampa Bay on November 3, Atlanta will wear their white uniform as the away team. As the home team, the Buccaneers – who also chose an all-red look – will wear their Color Rush uniform while the Falcons will wear all-white.

The Falcons join eight other NFL teams that will also be unable to wear their Color Rush jerseys this season but, rest assured, Atlanta fans can expect to see the Falcons in their official Color Rush uniforms in seasons to come.

One hundred percent of the NFL’s proceeds from the sale of Color Rush jerseys will go directly to the NFL Foundation to fund health, safety and wellness programs for youth around the country. The NFL Foundation is the league’s non-profit organization, representing all 32 clubs, and funds grants to support athletes, youth football and the communities that support the game. The first $500,000 raised from this initiative will be earmarked to replace youth and high school football equipment and fields lost in last month’s devastating floods in Louisiana.

Michael Vick picks his Jets jersey number

When Michael Vick agreed to a free-agent deal with the Jets last month, he immediately said Geno Smith would get to wear No. 7, the number Vick had famously worn since his college days at Virginia Tech.

The decision was a surprise, considering how much the No. 7 had been a part of Vick’s identity. Clearly, Vick did not want his arrival to be perceived as an attempt to shunt Smith to the side completely. The two are going to compete for the job at quarterback, fair and square, may the best man win, but Smith gets to keep the number he had claimed by being here first.

That, of course, left Vick with another decision to make. In today’s NFL, jersey numbers are bigger merchandising engines than personal identifiers. So what would Vick do? By Sunday night, he had narrowed it down to two finalists, at which point he asked for the public’s help on Twitter:

#JetNation I’m down to my final 2 choices on which # I’m going to wear this season. 3 or 8? #HELP

— Mike Vick (@MikeVick) April 28, 2016

As the AP’s Dennis Waszak Jr. noted, previous Jets quarterbacks to wear No. 3 were Rick Mirer and Kliff Klingsbury. And No. 8 once belonged to Tom Flick, Browning Nagle, Todd Husak, and Mark Brunell. Elite company, either way.

A short time later Sunday night, Vick announced a decision on Instagram—where his handle is still mike7vick—with the following caption:

I want to see everybody in there MV8 jerseys this year. I appreciate all the fans that helped. Fresh me! #JetsNation #GangGreen #V8

Eagles’ Tim Tebow among top selling jerseys in NFL

It isn’t often a fourth-string quarterback has one of the top selling jerseys in the NFL.

But then again, not every quarterback is Tim Tebow.

According to ESPN’s Darren Rovell, Tebow’s No. 11 Eagles jersey finished as the 15th best selling jersey in the NFL for the month of May, outselling the Dallas Cowboys’ starting quarterback, Tony Romo.

The success of Tebow’s jersey shouldn’t be surprising.

The quarterback has gathered a huge following over the years, from his Heisman winning days at Florida, to his successful tenure in Denver and even during his brief stint with the New York Jets.

The question now is, will those Tebow fans who purchased his jersey ever get to see the quarterback wear it during a game?

Here is a complete look at the top 25 selling jerseys in the NFL for the month of May, per Rovell.

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Wearing the same jersey as quarterback Robert Griffin III or linebacker Brian Orakpo is one of the most rewarding experiences a fan can have on their lifetime football checklist.

Sure you can sport a hat or a t-shirt to show your allegiance to Redskins Nation, but nothing trumps your Washington Redskins passion more than wearing, and showing off, a jersey.

When Nike became the official uniform and apparel provider of the NFL before the start of the 2012 season, the Redskins classic burgundy jerseys and white jerseys became fans best options for game day digs. The sleek jerseys have given fans a nostalgic throwback to the days when those two jersey colors were the only two a fan could choose from.

Check out some of these jerseys that were for the “cool kids only” (which I know was you) during your younger years.

Over on Bleacher Report is “Six Washington Redskins Jerseys You Likely Rocked During Your Childhood”.

The list includes John Riggins, Clinton Portis, Darrell Green, Dexter Manley, Joe Theismann and the most recent Redskin, Chris Cooley.

Unfortunately, replica Theismann jerseys did not come with a single bar helmet.

Growing up I saw more No. 47 jerseys that I can remember–and it wasn’t just kids who were sporting them.

So are/were you one to wear the replica of a player like Darrell Green who personified the franchise’s prestigious history or any other Redskins great?