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Houston Texas Execute Former Clerk Show Cluny 5th Year Contract Option

On Wednesday, the Los Angeles Rams chose to implement defensive cutout Aaron Donald’s fifth year contract option. Friday, Houston Texas followed, giving their own defensive group star the same treatment. The Texans chose to execute Jadeveon Clowney’s fifth year contract option. The rush is the 2014 draft pick. The fifth year that the Texans chose […]

Wilfork, Clowney swap jerseys to hilarious effect

Jadeveon Clowney is finally having an injury-free, breakout season, but he still can’t seem to escape his veteran teammates’ shadows … and laundry. The division-leading Texans loosened up a bit ahead of their Week 13 trip to Lambeau Field with many of the players swapping jerseys during Friday’s practice. When it came time to trade […]

Ravens to offer fans Ray Rice jersey exchange

The Baltimore Ravens announced Tuesday they will offer an exchange for fans owning Ray Rice jerseys. The news comes a day after the Rice. The running back was also suspended indefinitely by the NFL after a video emerged on TMZ Sports of Rice punching his now-wife in an Atlantic City casino elevator. Rice was previously […]

Ball gets jersey number stolen for Steven Jackson

When former second-round pick Montee Ball joined the Patriots’ practice squad, he was No. 39. On the day that legendary running back Steven Jackson arrived for duty, Ball checked his locker again and he was No. 31. No questions asked. Jackson has worn that number for his entire career. “The funny thing about it, I […]