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Running back Adrian – Peterson approached the saints for a year

Adrian Peterson will find a new owner before the 2017 draft on Thursday?

Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) According to informed sources reported that Peterson and New Orleans saints were considered close to signing a contract worth $ 3.25 million.

Laporte stressed that the two sides have not yet completed all the details of the contract, but the negotiations are in the direction of signing. The contract will also include bonuses worth $ 1 million.

Green Bay Packers This off season is more active than the rest of the season in the free season.

Even so, the team still lost a lot of veterans, including Julius Peppers, Datone Jones, Micah Hyde, JC Trent JCTretter) and TJ Lang (TJLong).

Taylor Gabriel will still be a member of the Falcon.

As the outside world think, Gabriel signed his own year, 2.81 million US dollars of the tender contract. He was a restricted free agent, any team can sign him, but at the same time the falcon can match the offer, if not match, that team had to provide two rounds of the Falcon sign.

Brown last year was Brown’s cut off Gabriel, and the Falcon signed him immediately afterwards. Brown scored 35 wins, 579 yards and 6 touchdowns.

About the friendship between the superstar of the two teams in Boston We have seen a lot of news, the United States time on April 21 New England Patriot quarterback Tom – Brady (Tom Brady) to the Boston Celtics Defender Isaiah Thomas (Isaiah Thomas) sent a firm blessing.

Prior to Thomas before the game that his 22-year-old sister died in a car accident, he still insisted on playing the game. So Brady used his instagram to let Thomas know that Boston would support him.

Regardless of the final value of the contract geometry, the most critical point is that Peterson’s salary will be lower than the saint’s current starting run-back Mark – Ingram (Mark Ingram), which has just completed his career the best season. Ingram over the past two years in the passing of the performance of the great progress, which in theory will let Peterson focus on the first two steps or critical attack, such as the third tranche of the number of short yards or array area before the red Attack in the attack.

Coincidentally, the saints will be the guest of the Minnesota Challenge Peterson’s old owner Vikings in the first week of the new season.

Houston Texas Execute Former Clerk Show Cluny 5th Year Contract Option

On Wednesday, the Los Angeles Rams chose to implement defensive cutout Aaron Donald’s fifth year contract option. Friday, Houston Texas followed, giving their own defensive group star the same treatment.

The Texans chose to execute Jadeveon Clowney’s fifth year contract option. The rush is the 2014 draft pick.

The fifth year that the Texans chose to perform the fifth year of the contract was not surprising, and last week, Crohn made a great contribution to Texas after resuming health.

In the first two seasons after the injury suffered injuries, the last time a breakthrough performance, the first 14 games, made six sack 55 times grappling. He played against the Auckland Raiders in the playoffs outside the card battle to complete the ruling level performance, several breakthroughs into the racket after the field to complete the defense and made a steal, this performance so that he and his teammate JJ watt (JJ Watt )Compared.

Whitney Mercilus is still at its peak, and the return of the Watt and the Croix will continue to work for the next two seasons, and the Texas defense team has reached the playoff level and should be able to go to Denver Broncos Compete for the name of the best defensive team.

Now if the Texas management can solve the problem of quarterback position, then the Texas people certainly have the opportunity to become a strong contender for the AP champion.

Minnesota Vikings sign the former ram quarterback Case Keenum

The Minnesota Vikings found the insurance in the alternate quarterback position Find Cheap Jerseys Online.

The Vikings agreed to sign a year with the former Los Angeles Ram quarterback Case Keenum for a contract worth $ 2 million.

Although Sam Bradford has decided to become the starting season for the new season, Teddy Bridgewater is still recovering from last summer’s knee injury, his state Still unknown.

When asked whether Bridgwater would play again, coach Mike Zimmer replied, “Honestly I do not know.”

Keanum will replace Shaun Hill as the second quarterback, which has not yet received a contract from the Vikings.

At the beginning of last season as the starting point of the ram quarterback Keanum in the long time it is difficult to get touchdowns after losing the starting line. In the mid-season the Rams offense group was the worst in the league.

In the 26 games (24 games starting), Keanam pass the success rate of 58.4%, made 24 passes touchdowns 20 pass was steals, quarterback score of 78.4.

Obviously difficult to complete the start of the Keenam is more suitable for Bradford’s bench Good Quality Cheap Jerseys.

Wilfork, Clowney swap jerseys to hilarious effect

Jadeveon Clowney is finally having an injury-free, breakout season, but he still can’t seem to escape his veteran teammates’ shadows … and laundry.

The division-leading Texans loosened up a bit ahead of their Week 13 trip to Lambeau Field with many of the players swapping jerseys during Friday’s practice. When it came time to trade shirts, Clowney and fellow defensive lineman and 325-pound human Vince Wilfork made interesting bed fellows.

A few Texans players switched jerseys at practice today, but the Vince Wilfork and Jadeveon Clowney swap is probably the best.

Sarah Barshop (@sarahbarshop) December 2, 2016

Clowney is universally regarded as a freak athlete, but his build was no match for Wilfork’s quintuple-XL kit, which swallowed him whole like Wilfork at a Houston ribs joint. Meanwhile, in Clowney’s get-up, Wilfork looks more like a beach-ready Ezekiel Elliott than an All-Pro nose tackle. 

If ever there was a question that Wilfork was a beefy mass of a man, that should have been squashed during last year’s edition of Hard Knocks.

Tim Tebow jerseys can’t be sold by Reebok, judge affirms

NEW YORK — A judge rejected Reebok’s bid to overturn his ban on its sale of Tim Tebow New York Jets jerseys Wednesday, saying the public can wait a few weeks for Nike Tebow jerseys to show up in stores.

“It is a minor hardship to Jets and Tim Tebow fans to have to wait till April 27 to get their jerseys,” U.S. District Judge Kevin Castel said.

The judge said Nike Inc. had shown a “probability of success” in its quest to permanently halt Reebok sales of Tebow jerseys and T-shirts during a daylong hearing that follows the filing of a lawsuit last week. Reebok was blocked from selling 6,000 Tebow-Jets jerseys and 25,000 T-shirts a week ago.

Reebok International Ltd. argued for the ban to be lifted Wednesday, saying it was within its rights to create the jerseys and T-shirts even though its agreement with the National Football League Players Inc. to use players’ names and numbers had expired at the end of February when Nike began its own five-year deal.

The judge also criticized Reebok’s effort to capitalize on the change in teams for some big-name players such as Tebow and quarterback Peyton Manning, who left the Indianapolis Colts for the Denver Broncos. He said a sell-off clause in its apparel contracts was designed to let it sell leftover clothing.

“It’s not your termination bonus; it’s so you don’t get stuck with unsold merchandise,” he said.

The judge also boosted the amount of money Nike must post in the event Reebok ultimately wins the case but loses up to $200,000 in profits from not selling its Tebow apparel.

The judge’s ruling continued the ban he imposed after Nike sued Reebok last week, days after Tebow was traded from the Broncos to the Jets. The trade came just as the Beaverton, Ore.-based Nike was preparing to take over the NFL’s merchandising contract from Reebok.

Ravens to offer fans Ray Rice jersey exchange

The Baltimore Ravens announced Tuesday they will offer an exchange for fans owning Ray Rice jerseys.

The news comes a day after the team聽cut Rice. The running back was also suspended indefinitely by the NFL after a video emerged on TMZ Sports of Rice punching his now-wife in an Atlantic City casino elevator. Rice was previously suspended two games on July 24 for violating the league’s personal conduct policy for the same incident.

Baltimore said it would release more details on the jersey swap, which will take place at team stores.

The exchange appears similar to the one the New England Patriots held for fans owning Aaron Hernandez jerseys after the tight end was charged with murder.

The Ravens cut ties with Rice; now they will allow fans to do the same on Sept. 19 and 20 at M&T Bank Stadium from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. ET.

Ball gets jersey number stolen for Steven Jackson

When former second-round pick Montee Ball joined the Patriots’ practice squad, he was No. 39.

On the day that legendary running back Steven Jackson arrived for duty, Ball checked his locker again and he was No. 31. No questions asked. Jackson has worn that number for his entire career.

“The funny thing about it, I just came in today and realized I was 31,” Ball told

Ball would have given it to Jackson anyway. Ball grew up in Missouri where Jackson played the first nine years of his career. He gave Ball his first autograph (Ball is seven years younger than Jackson).

“Even if he would have asked for 39, I would have given it to him because I have so much respect for that man,” Ball said. “I was talking to him today and telling him that when I was little, he was the first person I ever got an autograph from. I’m from right outside St. Louis and he was with the Rams. I went to one of the Rams’ camps when I was young — 11, 12 years old, 13 — and he was there. It’s funny how everything comes full circle.

“All my extended family were St. Louis fans, so I’ve seen a lot of Jackson jerseys around my house. It’s crazy now that we’re on the same team, in he same running back room. It’s a blessing.”

Now that we’ve gotten the warm and fuzzy stuff out of the way, here are two totally Bill Belichick-ian theories we have out of left field as to why this happened.
1. Belichick somehow knew this, and decided that the best way to mold Ball into the dynamic running back that draft analysts projected him to be was to bring in his idol and rekindle Ball’s childhood love of football.

2. Belichick purposely gave Ball 39 knowing that he would sign Steven Jackson and take the number away in an effort to humble Ball into accepting the Patriot way.

Neither of these are probably true, but as much as we’re looking forward to seeing Belichick utilize Steven Jackson, we’re just as excited to see what he can do with Ball during his time on the practice squad, and whether or not Ball will actually make it to the active roster at some point this season or during the playoffs.

NFL Draft 2016: Jets fan already has Marcus Mariota jersey

There’s confidence, there’s putting your money where your mouth is … and then there’s this: A Jets fan already has a jersey with Marcus Mariota’s name on the back of it.

Courtesy of Busted Coverage comes this tweet from a writer who said the purchaser of said jersey was two rows in front of him in a class he’s taking:

Priceless RT @Sam4TR: A Jets fan in my class bought a customized Marcus Mariota jersey. Classic Jets fan.

— Busted Coverage (@bustedcoverage) April 28, 2016

We know how Jets fans react to NFL Draft disasters (see below), so it begs the question: What will he do with the jersey if someone else trades for or drafts the Oregon quarterback? If you see something burning in Chicago on Thursday, you’ll know what happened.