Ron – Rivera worries Kelvin – Benjamin weight

Panthers take over Kelvin Benjamin, once the Pepsi week best rookie, once again suffered from weight problems.

Panther coach Ron Rivera two years ago that Benjamin in the offseason training weight gain significantly. This Saturday, he said Benjamin was overweight again.

Ken Griffey Jr. did not wait for a long time to win the Seattle sailors’ choice at the MLB draft pick in 1987.

30 years later, his son Trey Griffey is not in the NFL’s 256 draft players, but the University of Arizona’s receiver or get the opportunity to enter the league for the list.

Terry’s agent told the Indianapolis star journalist that the pony and the player completed a free agent contract.

Terry’s big season finished 23 times to catch the 382 yards and 2 touchdowns, is the first time this season’s starting players.

This year’s pony did not choose to take over from the draft, so Terry’s chance is not small.

“He’s a bit heavy, he knows that we’ve talked about it, he knows what to do and what’s done,” rivila said, “am I worried? Of course, I have to admit he’s overweight He is also working hard, he every day to train, to complete the things we let him do, self is very strict requirements.

Benjamin was troubled by the weight problem since the Florida State University, and some thought it was an important factor in his ankle injury. Hope that the Panthers will be able to take home this year to adjust the adjustment.

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