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The Vikings may not perform the fifth year contract option for Bridgewater

According to informed sources, the Minnesota Vikings may not choose to implement the fifth year contract option for Tidedy Bridgewater before the May 2 deadline.

The Vikings are still likely to renew their contract with Bridgewater, but they seem reluctant to carry out a 2018 contract that includes at least $ 11 million in injury benefit. Now Bridgewater is still trying to recover from a serious knee injury.

“Injury coverage makes it difficult for teams to choose executive options,” according to people familiar with the matter.
The United States and South plus one

Tennessee Titan, Indianapolis Pony, Houston Texas, Jacksonville Jaguar, Buffalo Bill

It’s not easy to get a team that is most likely to win a division from the NFL’s most troublesome team. Titans and puppies have a good sign in the offseason, but their focus is still quarterback recovery. Put aside the quarterback and past five years bleak record, the Jaguar lineup even looks like a playoff team. While the Texas problem is lucky to win the 9-7 record, the luck can last long. Bill as the only one here in the non-South South team, if they want to kill into the playoffs, need to do too much work, 6-10 is already an optimistic estimate. But if you can be healthy, Tyrod Taylor, LeSean McCoy and Sammy Watkins are worth a visit.

A playoff card are these teams are accidental joy, challenge the Patriots should not be included in the target for the time being.

Sea Hawk agreed to raise salary requirements Lynch is about to end the strike

Seattle Seahawks last season to win the hero Ma Shawn – Lynch (Marshawn Lynch) finally to rejoin. Recently, ESPN in a television program broke the news: After an 8-day strike, Lynch is about to return to the Hawks training camp, officially began preparing for the new season. The important reason for the return of Lynch is that the Hawks agreed to raise $ 1 million for its salary.

In the first round of the selection in 2014, Bridgwater in the preseason training last year in the left knee dislocation and knee anterior cruciate ligament tear, which led him to miss the last season. His injury caused the Vikings to trade with the Philadelphia Eagles to get quarterback Sam Bradford. The success rate last season reached 71.6% pass, hit a single season record NFL.

Vickers general manager Rick Spielman (Rick Spielman) in the offseason after the start of training that Bridgewater has been trying to train.

“He has been working hard with everyone and trying to return to the track, and I will not estimate how long he will be back,” Spearman said. “But that’s no one knows that Bradford came to the team on the first day of training and led the team, and we were lucky to have two quarterbacks in the array.”

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