Running back Adrian – Peterson approached the saints for a year

Adrian Peterson will find a new owner before the 2017 draft on Thursday?

Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) According to informed sources reported that Peterson and New Orleans saints were considered close to signing a contract worth $ 3.25 million.

Laporte stressed that the two sides have not yet completed all the details of the contract, but the negotiations are in the direction of signing. The contract will also include bonuses worth $ 1 million.

Green Bay Packers This off season is more active than the rest of the season in the free season.

Even so, the team still lost a lot of veterans, including Julius Peppers, Datone Jones, Micah Hyde, JC Trent JCTretter) and TJ Lang (TJLong).

Taylor Gabriel will still be a member of the Falcon.

As the outside world think, Gabriel signed his own year, 2.81 million US dollars of the tender contract. He was a restricted free agent, any team can sign him, but at the same time the falcon can match the offer, if not match, that team had to provide two rounds of the Falcon sign.

Brown last year was Brown’s cut off Gabriel, and the Falcon signed him immediately afterwards. Brown scored 35 wins, 579 yards and 6 touchdowns.

About the friendship between the superstar of the two teams in Boston We have seen a lot of news, the United States time on April 21 New England Patriot quarterback Tom – Brady (Tom Brady) to the Boston Celtics Defender Isaiah Thomas sent a firm blessing.

Prior to Thomas before the game that his 22-year-old sister died in a car accident, he still insisted on playing the game. So Brady used his instagram to let Thomas know that Boston would support him.

Regardless of the final value of the contract geometry, the most critical point is that Peterson’s salary will be lower than the saint’s current starting run-back Mark – Ingram (Mark Ingram), which has just completed his career the best season. Ingram over the past two years in the passing of the performance of the great progress, which in theory will let Peterson focus on the first two steps or critical attack, such as the third tranche of the number of short yards or array area before the red Attack in the attack.

Coincidentally, the saints will be the guest of the Minnesota Challenge Peterson’s old owner Vikings in the first week of the new season.

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