Houston Texas Execute Former Clerk Show Cluny 5th Year Contract Option

On Wednesday, the Los Angeles Rams chose to implement defensive cutout Aaron Donald’s fifth year contract option. Friday, Houston Texas followed, giving their own defensive group star the same treatment.

The Texans chose to execute Jadeveon Clowney’s fifth year contract option. The rush is the 2014 draft pick.

The fifth year that the Texans chose to perform the fifth year of the contract was not surprising, and last week, Crohn made a great contribution to Texas after resuming health.

In the first two seasons after the injury suffered injuries, the last time a breakthrough performance, the first 14 games, made six sack 55 times grappling. He played against the Auckland Raiders in the playoffs outside the card battle to complete the ruling level performance, several breakthroughs into the racket after the field to complete the defense and made a steal, this performance so that he and his teammate JJ watt (JJ Watt )Compared.

Whitney Mercilus is still at its peak, and the return of the Watt and the Croix will continue to work for the next two seasons, and the Texas defense team has reached the playoff level and should be able to go to Denver Broncos Compete for the name of the best defensive team.

Now if the Texas management can solve the problem of quarterback position, then the Texas people certainly have the opportunity to become a strong contender for the AP champion.

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