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Pricecott talks about Tony Romer

Tony – Roma in the Dallas Cowboys left too much of the record, and now the cowboy young quarterback Duck – Pricecott will face the achievements of Romo efforts, today Duck – Pulai Scott in an interview with reporters, to express their thoughts on these things.

“I told Tony – Romo, no matter what time our relationship is really good, whether I was before or after the first episode. Nothing will change, I thank the manager can adjust the relationship between us so harmonious. Now I want to be able to keep a good mood, he made a decisive choice, he has a great career, he left countless great achievements waiting for me to chase to try, I want to fill his leave, I Will continue to struggle in Dallas. “Duck – Price Cotter said that for the Romans such old predecessors, Price Cove extremely respect.

The young man’s first season set a new record: set a rookie season without being steals the record. At the same time he also won the season’s best offensive rookie awards, these are Tony – Romo did not do, and Duck – Pricecott is to create his record and achievements, he is trying to catch up with Romer.

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