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Lynch and Raiders basically reached an agreement

at last. Ma Sean Lynch to return to the NFL on the track. And this time Lynch he will not wear the Seattle Seahawks shirt, and he basically with the Auckland Raiders to reach an agreement, the future we will see Ma Shawn – Lynch wearing a black and white shirt game look. This is not the news that came before the media are all speculation, has always been not talking, do not love the position of Ma Shawn – Lynch even their own Twitter on the open talk about their own and raid questions, as he has always been Style, he used a cool sentence to express some strange things, Lynch and Raiders reached a new contract before, there are still a lot of work to be solved.

“If you know me, then you know my thing is my business, but if you do not understand me, then this is a very interesting fact, but when we talk about business things, I will let you know “Ma Sean – Lynch was so hard to put a thing so plainly, he proved his negotiations with the Raiders were very good, and this week, Lynch has also said that Auckland Raiders will be his first Is also the only choice.

According to accurate information, Ma Sean Lynch, the 30-year-old veteran running back close to the Auckland Raiders to reach a new contract. Of course, before joining the new team, Auckland Raiders must be completed with the Seattle Seahawks on the Ma Shawn – Lynch deal. Because Lynch was sure that he would continue with the original Seattle Seahawks contract, but Seahawks did not want Lynch to take up the money, because Lynch came back, Seahawks would provide up to $ 9 million in salary for Lynch , So this is also the reason why the Hawks must choose to deal with the Auckland Raiders. After the raid and Lynch reached a contractual agreement, the Hawks could trade Lynch to the Raiders and then reorganize the Lynch contract by the Raiders, and the Hawks could get some good things from the Raiders. Seahawks will not choose to cut the idea of Lynch. Of course, this is the case now, Raiders and Seattle Seahawks trading has been on the way.

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