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Although the NFL Union agreed to the Auckland Raiders relocation plan, but recently the league will be punished several weeks last week to participate in the casino wrist wrist tour players. Super Cheap Jerseys China

According to ESPN, “there are 30 active players and retired players, including the Pittsburgh Steelers lineline James Harrison retired running post Marshawn Lynch are involved.” It is reported that the The game was named “Professional American Football Player Wrist Championship”.

NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said the participation of these players may violate the Union regulations on gambling regulations, may face punishment. “We did not receive confirmation of the project in advance,” said Joe Lockhart, chairman of the Union Public Relations Officer. “This means that it is a violation of the Union regulations, so no one participant is licensed.”

Although the hasty behavior of the players is not worthy of sympathy, but the original intention of this game is for charity, winning players will be rewarded individuals donated to the charity, perhaps this will be the league finally let these players the possibility. Wholesale Cheap Jerseys China

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