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His 2,418 rushing attempts are 26th all-time. Although Peterson led the NFL in rushing in 2015 with 1,485 yards, it is unusual for running backs to maintain or improve their production in their 30s. Davis, meantime, could barely contain his ear-to-ear grin. Is Raiders owner Mark Davis to blame? What about Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf? None. A year after basically storming out of a press conference when the NFL chose Stan Kroenke’s project in Inglewood, California, over the joint Chargers/Raiders plan in Carson, he now sat at the winner’s dais as the media peppered him and commissioner Roger Goodell with questions.

Hernandez smiled when Thompson referred to him as “Cheap Jerseys Custom.” What kind of state income tax can Raiders players and coaches expect in Las Vegas? Thompson testified Monday about a Florida party he invited Hernandez to in February 2013. All the Raiders fans my age, no way you can do it. This is probably the biggest off-season quarterback sweepstakes since Peyton Manning was available in 2012, only instead of going to two Super Bowls, the winner will have a disastrous yet hilarious early playoff exit. But in the end, an avalanche of owners felt the fact that more than half of the $1.7-billion stadium would be publicly funded was too big an advantage to pass up.

Peterson can point to Frank Gore gaining 1,025 yards at 33 last season as evidence that he can still be productive. Anyone who lived through the first one will not support them. How will the Raiders’ eventual move to Vegas impact the rest of the NFL? There are certainly other veteran quarterbacks available, such as Jay Cutler and Colin Kaepernick. He was reportedly concerned about the drop in market size from sixth (Cheap Jerseys Good Quality) to 40th (Las Vegas). I don’t know how it’ll work, we’ll have to work the logistics.

First time we went there, I said that in the next decade, I think there should be a team here. Nevada has no state income tax, which is tantamount to a pay raise for Raiders employees: a noticeable portion of their pay that currently goes to the government will go instead to their bank accounts. Peterson just turned 32. Only 10 running backs 32 or older have ever rushed for over 1,000 yards in a season. The Patriots could also work out a trade with another club like New Orleans, but such a deal could only be completed after Butler signed his tender. How would it work?

The older Raiders fans, you lost them forever. But Romo will be the one that is most in demand, and most likely to make a team foolishly mortgage their future for a year or two of his services. “Cheap Jerseys NFL Jerseys” chants from desperately hopeful fans serenaded owners around the posh Arizona Biltmore complex, but to no avail. The vote was 31-1, with Miami owner Stephen Ross the only negative voter. Who would it be?

I still think we should have a team there, and then probably on the continent. I can’t wait. The ones who gave their life blood to you, you lost them forever. There’s a whole heck of a lot to look at here. You could almost see the champagne bottles popping in his mind’s eye. But I wouldn’t be surprised if in the next five to seven years we have a team there. Maybe sooner.

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