Brian Orakpo Rocks New 'Elite 51' Jersey

The unveiling of the new Nike NFL jerseys will be one of those generational moments that you will always remember where you were when you heard the news.

I joke, because truthfully not much changed, but I’m not sure what folks expected.  The concept jerseys, which have been floating around the Interwebs since last year, were far too drastic for NFL standards.  While NCAA teams like Maryland and Oregon may embrace fundamental changes to color and pattern schemes, it’s just not in the NFL’s best interests to rebuild a brand that already works very, very well.

So whether you were holding your breath for or against change, you can exhale.  These changes are only tweaks to an already top-notch product.

So if Brian Orakpo thinks the new design is “sweet,” then who am I to disagree? Orakpo is currently chatting with the Washington media types that are on-hand, and there will be more from him later.

Since the hype surrounding this event was borderline controversial with fans, what are your thoughts on the new model?

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